A living record of times past and present in the Parish of Kilmore


Kilmore Parish Journal came about when a group of farsighted individuals of Mulrankin-Tomhaggard Muintir na Tire Guild decided to produce a parish journal.  They wanted to record for posterity the history and lore of the parish of Kilmore, the livelihoods of its inhabitants on land and sea, its proud record of lifeboat service and preservation of the ancient traditions that distinguish the parish.

Over 40 years later the Kilmore Parish Journal is bigger and better than ever, from its first issue of 48 pages to now almost 200 pages.  The Journal has recorded the highs and lows of life in the parish of Kilmore, sporting and social achievements, anectdotes and includes contributions from Kilmore citizens all over the world.  The work on the Journal is completed by a hard working team of volunteers under current Chairman Seamus O’Keeffe.  Hilary Murphy who worked with The People Newspaper, Wexford retired as Editor in 2012, after 40 years and Committee member Seamus O’Brien took over the job in 2013 .

Many fine articles have appeared in the pages of the Kilmore Parish Journal over the years, earning recognition as the premier parish journal in the county.  Important too is its value as a resource for research in the county, national and university libraries.  Many sporting and social organisations in the parish report on their activities during the year.  There is also a register of the Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Parish during the year, plus school activities are covered.

A great deal of credit for the success of the journal is due to all those who have contributed and continue to contribute articles, photographs, organisation and sports reports.  There is something in each Parish Journal to interest young and old alike.  It is a valuable record of the past and present lives of the people of Kilmore


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